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Pubic Wig Guide, Kitty Carpet Stencils, DIY Merkins

What is a Pubic Wig?

A pubic wig (otherwise known as a pubic hair wig, merkin, or kitty carpet) is a patch of artificial hair that adheres to the genital area. The term "merkin" is the original word to refer to this accessory. The word "merkin" derives from a now-obsolete word ("malklin") that was used to refer to a lower-class woman or a mop. The word first appeared in the 1700s, although the pubic wig has a recorded history of being in use since the 1400s. Today the term "merkin" is used interchangeably with the term "pubic wig."

Pubic wigs were first worn in the 1700s by prostitutes who were forced to shave their pubic region due to pubic lice infections or other sexually transmitted diseases. These women did not want to reveal the fact that they had a lice infection that caused them to remove all of their pubic hair, so they simply wore pubic wigs and no one was the wiser (one can assume).

Today the pubic wig has a variety of uses: they are used as decorative items, erotic devices and in films. Also, they are used by both men and women. Because sexually transmitted diseases are much less common today than they were in the 1400s, there is no need to use the pubic wig to hide anything. Instead, it is more looked at as a fun accessory or joke.